As a Commissioner, Renee has contributed to the following objectives and projects:

1. To build stronger community relations and gather families by hosting events at City Parks.

2. To protect open-spaces, enhance biodiversity, and educate the community about our urban wildlife.

3. To continue promoting a healthy lifestyle by informing residents about park and trail locations and amenities.

4. To build stronger community relations by engaging community members in a dialogue about City Parks events and activities.

5. Creation and naming of Friendship Park.

6. Experience Saratoga parks inclusion drone video project.

7. Quarry Park planning, grand opening, and trail extensions.

8. Creation of Summer Movie Night Series.

9. Inclusive playground proposal.

10. Parks and trails improvement project.

11. Nesting boxes partnership with Park Management Program.


Saratoga的自然景观是我们城市的重要文化遗产。我们会进一步的保护这些城市资产, 并鼓励增加自然环境美观的发展。Renee在Saratoga城市Parks & Recreation部门工作有七年的时间,证明了她在城市管理方面的经验以及人脉。更主要的是,她会细心听从每一位居民的意见,并为创造城市最好发展方式而努力。


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